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Pregnancy Specialist/ Breastfeeding Consultant / CIMI Noord-Brabant | Eindhoven

I am a Midwife, Breastfeeding Consultant and Certified Infant Massage Instructor, specializing in Childbirth naturalization, homebirth, and VBAC. I have significant experience not only in labour/delivery, but also in delivering lessons to mothers and couples, tailored to their needs, wishes, and aspirations.  I completed my studies at the Athens Midwifery section and I thought I wanted to learn more, open up my horizons and develop my knowledge as much as possible. I’m working on preparing the new couples by organizing parenting groups .

Every day I realized how wise nature is and how amazing the body has created. The consecutively home visits to nursing mothers is an integral part of my everyday life helping mothers with breastfeeding, neonatal care and discussing everyday issues of concern. I believe that the start of your life determines the quality of the continuation. I see and experience that there is still much to be optimized in this. At the same time, I am an internationally certified Certified Infant Massager Instructor (CIMI) and I run seminar circles aimed at couples who want to experience the infant massage experience with their babies.

I am accustomed to saying that love, support and properly documented scientific knowledge will make every woman possible to bring her child to the world as she desires. I believe in scientifically documented obstetric care with a holistic approach that focuses on the needs of mother, child and family. Everyday, therefore, I try to offer such care in order to prepare the couple for their new role as parents, a good childbirth experience and family support in the next few weeks at home.

My aim is to meet and get to really know every couple, through an open discussion and by giving them the space and chance to express their wishes, to know their options and to be well prepared, not only physically, but also emotionally, for the birth of their child within a respectful environment.

I will be at your side to advise you, to solve questions and to provide obstetric care from the beginning and throughout pregnancy, to childbirth and to the period of postpartum.

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