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Story telling documentary photographer Noord-Holland

Congratulations with your pregnancy. 

It’s a special period of a woman’s life. A period that you should not forget.
Let me document your pregnancy so you you can embrace it forever, long after your little one turns into a big one.

When you look at your photos I want you to feel the moment all over again. It’s amazing to see that you already have a deep connection to your unborn baby.

Congratulations with motherhood

Motherhood, is a gift that is often taken by granted. It comes with all kinds of emotions but the biggest of all is LOVE. Unconditional love. You feel it but you can’t really see it. It’s mostly in the small moments that you will see the connection between you and your little baby. Photos are there to proof your love.

I know you are in a roller coaster of feelings – happiness, insecurity, vulnerability. And I know you might not be ready to be photographed, but you will be glad to have these photos together with your baby when a few years has passed.

I work on a location of your choice. I will always suggest your home as it is more convenient for you and it is a  familiar environment for you and your baby.

My photo sessions are relaxed and very personal. No props, just you being you. For more info please go to my website  and schedule a free call on to discuss ideas.

A double shoot (pregnancy and newborn) is also possible. Contact me for a quote.

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