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Pregnancy Specialist/ Breastfeeding Consultant / CIMI Noord-Brabant | Eindhoven


My name is Anastasia Psaropoulou. I am passionate about helping prospective parents have the best possible pre-natal, delivery, and post-natal experience, through coaching, teaching, and guiding them throughout all phases of the amazing journey of bringing a new life to this world! That’s why I started Touching Life, so I can provide high quality holistic midwifery services.



A Little Bit About Me …

I completed my studies at the Athens Midwifery section and I thought I wanted to learn more, open up my horizons and develop my knowledge as much as possible. I’m working on preparing the new couples by organizing parenting groups.
Every day I realized how wise nature is and how amazing the body has been created. The consecutive home visits to nursing mothers is an integral part of my everyday life helping mothers with breastfeeding, neonatal care and discussing everyday issues or concern. Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) and run circles aimed at couples who want to experience the infant massage experience with their babies.

I am accustomed to saying that love, support and properly documented scientific knowledge will make every woman possible to bring her child to the world as she desires.

I will be at your side to advise you, to solve questions and to provide obstetric care from the beginning and throughout pregnancy, to childbirth and to the period of postpartum.


Pre-natal and Post-natal classes

My offering includes personalized 5-week lessons, on the following topics:

  • Internships or labor
  • Positions of birth
  • Analgesia methods
  • Breastfeeding cues

The lessons will encourage, support, prepare for delivery, make you feel confident that “you can do it”, and help you through the transition to parenthood. They are an opportunity for your partners to receive advice on how they can help you at the time of delivery, by practicing labor positions, breathing techniques, and more. Also, you can learn practical post-partum tips that will help you enjoy the first weeks at home with your newborn, like bonding, and post-natal care.

You can also ask me questions in Greek, I also answer in Greek

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